Magical Socks Make You Smile

No, the photo above is not an apocalyptical scene after 9/11 in New York. But if you can get by the “shock” of seeing fellow humans live like this and look closly at the upper right corner of the photo, you’ll see a blue sign that reads “Frankford Line (Blue Line).” No, not in New […]

Giving Thanks by Distributing New Socks to Those Experiencing Homelessness

  “I really appreciate how fortunate I am.” These words were spoken by Jackson, 16, after he helped distribute new socks to those experiencing homelessness. Appreciating how fortunate we are (some of us are) is really the idea behind Thanksgiving. This holiday, volunteers from the nonprofit The Joy of Sox®, instead of being home with […]

How are socks made in the USA?

Maybe you or your grandmother knits socks. Knitting socks is a labor of love and can take several hours to knit just one sock. But since the nonprofit, The Joy of Sox® distributes thousands of new socks each month to those experiencing homelessness they rely on manufactured socks. While most socks today are manufactured overseas […]

Why New Socks for those Experiencing Homelessness

So, why do those experiencing homelessness need new socks? Don’t those individuals living on the streets get donations of clothing at churches, soup kitchens and community centers? Yes, they do get some articles of clothing. But if you were asked what do you do with your old clothes when they wear our, or go out […]

The Joy of Sox holds a Successful Socktober Fest and 10th Year Celebration

The Joy of Sox® held a SOCKTOBER FEST and 10th Anniversary Celebration and would like to thank all of those involved in making it a super success. Because of the generosity of donors, they were able to raise: $11,347 and have 7,128+ pairs of new socks donated. Their all-volunteer team extends their heartfelt thanks to […]

10th Anniversary Socktober Fest

We need your help! Imagine stepping into an icy puddle on a blustery day.What is the first thing you want to do?Take off those cold, soggy socks! The fact is, those experiencing homelessness do not have that option. Our mission is to provide JOY to those experiencing homelessness by giving them new socks, and we need your […]

Happy Sock News Amidst The COVID-19 Crisis

Here are three socks things that should make you happy while we all wait out the COVID-19 virus. 429,325 As of March 20, 2020, The Joy of Sox has distributed 429,325 pairs of new socks to those experiencing homelessness. That’s pretty amazing and should put a smile of satisfaction on all who support our mission. […]

Cabrini University: Give Love Give Socks Give Hope

On Martin Luther King Day of Service, 45 people from Cabrini University, a local high school and community volunteers worked at The Joy of Sox’s warehouse in Phoenixville, PA sorting donated new socks and putting them into plastic bags for later distribution. By the end of the day they had over 19,000 pairs in bags […]

Merry Christmas from The Joy of Sox

The Joy of Sox® is a Philadelphia-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission of giving joy to those experiencing homelessness by giving them new socks.  Their vision is to be the most effective sock charity in the United States, and to give every person experiencing homelessness in America six pairs of new socks every year.  Founded in 2010 they have given over […]

Joy of Sox founder has distributed 350,000 pairs of socks to the needy

The Philadlephia Inquirer published a story about The Joy of Sox and the fact they have distributed over 350,000 pairs of new socks to the needy. A link to the story is here. A link to a pdf of the story is here. The photo on the right shows Tom Costello Jr, Chief Sock Person, […]