Why New Socks for those Experiencing Homelessness

So, why do those experiencing homelessness need new socks? Don’t those individuals living on the streets get donations of clothing at churches, soup kitchens and community centers?

Yes, they do get some articles of clothing. But if you were asked what do you do with your old clothes when they wear our, or go out of style, like most people, you’d probably say you donate them to a good cause. But if you were asked what do you do with your old socks, you’d probably say you throw them out because they are worn and have holes in them. Bingo!

A homeless person asking for new clothes at a shelter will normally get everything – except new socks. And that’s sad. So the niche of The Joy of Sox is giving health and joy to those experiencing homelessness by giving them new socks!

In the video below Fila, a formerly homeless person, says that new socks are comfortable and can motivate you. He adds that “if your feet are comfortable the rest of your body will follow.” So now you know part of the answer to the why new socks question. For more info click Why Socks?

Fila talks to The Joy of Sox about the importance of new socks for those experiencing homelessness

The Joy of Sox® is a Philadelphia-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission of giving joy and health for those experiencing homelessness by giving them new socks.  Their vision is to be the most effective sock charity in the United States and to give every person experiencing homelessness in America six pairs of new socks every year.  Founded in 2010 they have distributed over 784,638 pairs of new socks to those experiencing homelessness in 34 states and seven countries.  For more information please visit www.TJoS.org.

For more information about The Joy of Sox, please contact, Tom Costello, Jr, Chief Sock Person and Founder, The Joy Of Sox, [email protected]rg, 610-745-1075.