How are socks made in the USA?

Maybe you or your grandmother knits socks. Knitting socks is a labor of love and can take several hours to knit just one sock. But since the nonprofit, The Joy of Sox® distributes thousands of new socks each month to those experiencing homelessness they rely on manufactured socks.

While most socks today are manufactured overseas (think China, Viet Nam) there are still a few socks mills in the United States. And for those who are curious about how socks are knitted on machines, the video below shows a “Behind the Scenes” video from PearSox. PearSox is a sock mill in West Chester, PA, about 15 miles from The Joy of Sox’s Phoenixville, PA warehouse.

PearSox and The Joy of Sox are collaborating on a special sock that will be given to those experiencing homelessness in the Philadelphia area. These socks should be distributed beginning in early 2023..

The Joy of Sox® is a Philadelphia-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission of giving joy and health to those experiencing homelessness by giving them new socks.  Their vision is to be the most effective sock charity in the United States and to give every person experiencing homelessness in America six pairs of new socks every year.  Founded in 2010 they have distributed over 814,3674 pairs of new socks to those experiencing homelessness primarily in the Philadelphia area, but also in 34 states and seven countries.  For more information please visit their website, and/or contact Tom Costello, Jr, Chief Sock Person and Founder: mail, or cell 610-745-1075.