How are socks made in the USA?

Maybe you or your grandmother knits socks. Knitting socks is a labor of love and can take several hours to knit just one sock. But since the nonprofit, The Joy of Sox® distributes thousands of new socks each month to those experiencing homelessness they rely on manufactured socks. While most socks today are manufactured overseas […]

Why New Socks for those Experiencing Homelessness

So, why do those experiencing homelessness need new socks? Don’t those individuals living on the streets get donations of clothing at churches, soup kitchens and community centers? Yes, they do get some articles of clothing. But if you were asked what do you do with your old clothes when they wear our, or go out […]

The Joy of Sox holds a Successful Socktober Fest and 10th Year Celebration

The Joy of Sox® held a SOCKTOBER FEST and 10th Anniversary Celebration and would like to thank all of those involved in making it a super success. Because of the generosity of donors, they were able to raise: $11,347 and have 7,128+ pairs of new socks donated. Their all-volunteer team extends their heartfelt thanks to […]