The Joy of Sox Distributed Over 600,000 Pairs of New Socks for Those Experiencing Homelessness

The most recent sock metrics for The Joy of Sox® show that they have distributed over 611,000 pairs of new socks to those experiencing homelessness. Some fun facts are:

Facilities in how many states have received new socks?

They have distributed new socks to facilities in 35 states, plus D.C. Over 273 locations have been served.

If you put all those socks end-to-end how far would that be?

They would stretch about 193 miles or the approximate distance from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

What foreign countries have received donations?

New socks have been sent to Uganda, Canada, Afghanistan, Ghana, Mexico and the UK.

As of 9-10-21, The Joy of Sox distributed over 611,000 pairs of new socks for those experiencing homelessness.

The Joy of Sox® is a Philadelphia-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission of giving joy and health for those experiencing homelessness by giving them new socks.  Their vision is to be the most effective sock charity in the United States and to give every person experiencing homelessness in America six pairs of new socks every year.  Founded in 2010 they have distributed over 611,000 pairs of new socks to those experiencing homelessness in 34 states and six countries.  For more information please visit

For more information about The Joy of Sox, please contact, Tom Costello, Jr, Chief Sock Person and Founder, The Joy Of Sox, [email protected]rg, 610-745-1075.