The Concept School Collects Sox

The Concept School - Westtown, PA
The Concept School, Westtown, PA held a sock drive before the holidays.

The Concept School in Westtown, PA, a college preparatory school for children who learn differently, did their part to collect socks for the homeless.

Cheryl Whitely, Secretary of the school’s PTO, saw Tom talking to Lori Wilson on NBC Channel 10 in Philadelphia.  Cheryl immediately remembered being at the skating rink for too long when she was a child.  Her socks were unbearably soaking wet then, and she couldn’t imagine being homeless and having to live with soaked feet without socks everyday.

So Cheryl decided to hold her own event.  She brought the idea to the PTO’s attention, and everyone agreed: at the children’s performance of Shakespeare on December 17th, the admission would cost one pair of socks.

The school may only have about 30 students in its enrollment, but as Cheryl said, “every bit helps.”  The final amount of donated socks will be determined this Thursday.