St. Martin’s Episcopal Church invites The Joy of Sox to talk during services

St Martins newsletter Tom Costello Jr The Joy of Sox socks for the homeless

Rev. Chris Bishop, Pastor of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Radnor, PA had these nice words to say about Tom and The Joy of Sox.

“Today I had one of those spine-tingling moments, when you see or hear something that sparks a deep recognition of another’s humanity and unexpectedly shakes your world. I met with Tom Costello Jr, the founder of The Joy of Sox, a non-profit that collects new socks for people living in the streets without homes (homeless), who will be our guest lay preacher on Sunday.

I had expected to meet a nice person with a big heart who was out to do good things for other people. Instead, the man I met told me a story of profound personal transformation that deeply shifted his experience of living, and set him on a path to help heal the world, one naked, blistered, unwashed foot at a time. Come prepared to have your spirit moved, and don’t forget to bring socks and plenty of ’em!”