Sometimes socks can be more important than food

This is true.  There are many soup kitchen and food pantries available of those on the streets.  But there are no place to get new socks.  That’s the niche we fill.

Kiwi says it best…

“Hello, my name is Kiwi, and you don’t realize it, but sometimes socks can be more important than bringing people food because food is not hard to get but it seems to be harder and harder to get socks all the time. Without socks you get sores on your knee (?), between your toes and on your ankles that can actually go up your legs.  I once got a leg infection because the socks weren’t protecting my toes, and ankles, and yeah. The damage can go all the way up to your back, I’m tellin’ ya.”

Transcribed from the CBC radio show “Sunday Edition.”  The audio documentary producer, Frank Kaulk, interviewed Tom Costello Jr prior to the show for his insight about the homeless and the need for new socks.  You can hear the entire show (about 9 minutes) here.