Sock Pairing Party at Chestnut Hill College

Sock pairing party at Chestnut Hill College

How do you get 30 college students to hang around on a Friday afternoon before Thanksgiving?  Hold a sock pairing party!

The Joy of Sox was very fortunate to have several students and a few faculty and staff help pair socks that we donated by a manufacturer.

The paired socks were separated into men’s, women’s and children’s and then placed into bags donated by Trader Joe’s.

And to add to the fun the Philadelphia Inquirer sent columnist Monica Yant Kinney and photographer Clem Murray to cover the event.  And Channel 6-ABC also had a camera for some video.

By the end of the “party” the students filled 45 bags of socks, each containing about 36 pair.  That’s about 1,620 pairs of socks for the homeless!  Yeah!!