President Bush (41) donates socks to The Joy Of Sox for a fundraiser for the homeless

This is amazing!IMG_1320

President George Bush (41), who is known for wearing unusual socks, donated a new pair of socks in support of our mission.

We hope to auction them off and raise lots of money.


The pair of socks were beautifully framed (see photo top) and includes the note card from the President (see photo bottom).  The frame measures about 23 ⅞ inches wide by about 25 ¼ inches high.

The framed socks really look…presidential!

Comcast Newsmakers was nice enough to do a show where Tom Costello Jr, Chief Sock Person, talks about the importance of socks for the homeless, President George Bush’s socks and how people can help.  The YouTube video can be seen here.

Thank you President Bush for helping us make lots of homeless toes healthy and happy toes!