Philadelphia Inquirer covers “sock-sortathon” for The Joy of Sox

Nick Johnson, 18, a Chestnut Hill College freshman from Germantown, Md., carries a bundle of unmatched socks to be sorted. Photo (c) Clem Murray - Philadelphia Inquirer

Monica Yant Kinney, Metro Columnist, for the Philadelphia Inquirer came to the sock-sortathon at Chestnut Hill College and wrote a great story about the event for the paper.

With her journalistic inquisitiveness Monica also interviewed two doctors in Philadelphia to get a better understanding of the fate of the feet of the homeless.

Here is the first two paragraphs of her article, a link at the end takes you to the entire story.

Student volunteers at Chestnut Hill College pair up donations. Tom Costello Jr (foreground) founded the nonprofit to give clean new socks to the homeless. Photo (c) Clem Murray, Philadelphia Inquirer

“How many times have you seen a man on a steam grate dressed for winter except for his swollen bare feet? Everyone collects coats, but who thinks to give socks?

And yet doctors and homeless advocates say the feet suffer the cruelest fate of life on the streets…”

To see the entire story please click here.