Number of homeless in the United States

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) publishes a Homeless Assessment Report to Congress.  The number of homeless quoted here are from the report for 2009.  To see the entire 189 page document click here.

Homeless in the United States = 643,076

Homeless in Pennsylvania  = 15,096

Homeless in Philadelphia = 5,798

Homeless in Pittsburgh = 1,136

How often do you change your socks? Every day?  Well, the homeless don’t have that luxury.  So let’s imagine that you can change your socks only once two weeks.  That would be very yucky.  And after that period of time they are so worn out you need a new pair.

If you do the math (a new pair every two weeks) that would be 16.7 million pairs needed every year to help the homeless in the United States.

And about 150,000 pairs for Philly alone.   How do you think you can help The Joy of Sox?