The Joy of Sox® was honored to be part of the 2nd annual Sunday Love Project (SLP) at Love Park in Philadelphia Sunday November 15th. The organizers of SLP arranged for tables of clothing, food, water, juice and of course much needed socks.

Over the span of two hours we handed out 982 pairs of new socks to a very thankful stream of homeless that passed by our table.

Another day for The Joy of Sox providing joy to the homeless by giving them new socks.

The picture shows people lining up for distribution of clothes, food, and of course new socks.  Two Villanova University interns, Colleen with the red scarf and Brooke handing socks to a man, did a super job of conversing with, smiling at, and wishing “our clients” a nice day.

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As of November 2015 we have handed out over 160,000+ pairs of new socks to the homeless in 55 shelters/facilities around the Philly area.  In addition, we have shipped new socks to an additional 51 shelters/facilities  in 21 other states plus D.C. with three more states coming soon.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, or get involved as a volunteer or board member, or make a donation to support our mission and operations please check out our website and Facebook page.