Fox & Friends and The Joy of Sox

WOW! Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Fox & Friends did a super job with the Erin Bertel and The Joy of Sox® story (Friday July 10 8:20 am).

The emotional video clip shows the story of Erin and what happened when she discovered that the homeless need a vital item that they hardly ever get – new socks.

It’s runs 3:20 and Fox included a short commercial up front, but take a look at it if you can and please let us know your thoughts.



After the show we got an overwhelming number of responses.  We received calls, emails, donations and newsletter sign ups from all over, including: Nevada, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Alabama, Minnesota, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Washington, New Jersey, New York, Utah, Arkansas, Ohio, New Mexico and even Canada. The majority of our contacts were from Texas and Florida.

People were moved by the show.  Some sample comments…

  • “I saw your story and was touched.”
  • “Keep up your blessed work.”
  • “How do I become a sock angel?” (lots of this one)
  • “Can you send our shelter/church some socks?”
  • “My daughter decided to collect socks for her National Honor Society Project.”
  • “How start something similar in my town.”
  • “I was very touched by your story and mission.”
  • “I think your program is awesome.”
  • “Sounds like a perfect program to benefit our homeless vets living in the woods.”
  • “This is amazing.”

The bottom line is that Fox helped us both raise awareness of the sock situation with the homeless and increased the number of people who want to help, donate to, and get involved with our mission of providing joy to the homeless by giving them new socks

In the nonprofit world measurable impact is important. And we definitely had a measurable impact from the show.

I’m not sure where The Joy Of Sox will be a year from now, but we’ll be a lot closer to our goal of making The Joy of Sox and our mission of providing joy to the homeless with new socks a household word!

And we’d be remiss if didn’t say a very special thanks to Brad Newman (and his crew) for producing the show.   And to Fox for allowing Fox & Friends to highlight us.   And of course, to the Fox audience who responded in a very positive way.

So on behalf of Erin and the many unnamed homeless that will be helped as a result of Fox & Friends – THANK YOU SO MUCH ! !

Your thoughts?