Joy The Sock Puppet®

Joy The Sock Puppet®, the Mascot for The Joy Of Sox
Joy The Sock Puppet®, the Mascot for The Joy Of Sox

Yes…we have a mascot.  And she’s a sock puppet.  And her name is Joy.   Joy The Sock Puppet®.  She is also the Official Spokes-Puppet for The Joy of Sox.

Joy lives in a drawer of a bureau.  A Sock drawer.   She has several homeless friends including Moose, The Rev, Nate and Laura (and her baby Hope).

She wants to be the voice of the homeless in the United States and tell the story of their plight and the problems they have because they lack new clean socks.



Here’s a new YouTube video of her “Birth.”

Joy is also excited about being on The Joy Of Sox’s new YouTube Channel.  She is already working on a series of 60 – 120 second PSA (Public Service Announcements) type messages.

The message will be aimed at children, but with a Sesame Street subtly that engages adults.

By the way, Joy has her own email. So if want to send her and email please click here

She’d love to hear from you!


Get Your Own  Joy The Sock Puppet Puppet

Get your own Joy The Sock Puppet puppet.  Mini versions of Joy will be available soon.